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Chocolate Ice Cream Day With the Beasts!

Happy Chocolate Ice Cream Day! Grab a cone and enjoy the new and constantly developing elements of the new Beast Clans website.

In honor of National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, our beast of the day is Jag Tooth. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of chocolate, the general consensus is that Mesoamerican cultures are accredited with the discovery of cacao beans. Jaguars, native to areas ranging from Argentina to the Grand Canyon, are the largest cats in the Americas. Jag Tooth of the Jungle Kingdom is known for his great speed and hunting prowess. Learn more about Jag Tooth's fellow Jungle Kingdom members and his arch nemesis Prince Shadow in the Beasts section of the Beast Clans website.

The Beast Clans website includes information about both the story of Beast Clans with information on the characters and the different elements of the Beast Clans trading card game. Love all of the great diverse information about animal kingdoms? The Beasts includes different kingdoms of a new kind of animal that exists only in the world of Beast Clans. In addition to this, we have recently updated our brief biography on Beast Clans founder Lance DeRatafia.

We're getting excitingly close to announcing when the Beast Clans' official Kickstarter Campaign will begin and will keep everyone posted through our blog and other social media outlets!

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