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Begin the Week with Beast Clans

Beast Clans is happy to start this week off by discussing what led to the beginnings of the Beast Clans trading card game (TCG). We are going to go beyond how Lance DeRatafia got the idea, but discussing the details that truly inspired him and led to strategic gameplay.

Lance’s hobbies growing up were trading cards, comics, wildlife, zoos, and super heroes. Sound familiar? These all contributed to elements in Beast Clans! The wildlife that has evolved into the beasts of various kingdoms are ruled by royal beasts. The purpose of the Beast Clans game is to defeat your opponent’s royals.

Another key element to Lance’s development of Beast Clans is it’s appeal to all ages. Despite the simplicity of learning to play the game, the rules allow for the use of multiple strategies. The thing that makes Beast Clans great is that there are millions of combinations to help you become top Beast of the lands.

With the initial concept for Beast Clans, Lance then created the intricate hierarchy of the animal kingdoms that live on earth. He began by choosing areas (Dessert, water, etc) and created the evolved beasts that lived there based on current animals that inhabit each area. Lance then created a hierarchy starting from the royals and working his way from kingdom to kingdom and eventually creating rebels. Rebel beasts do not belong to any particular kingdom, adding another interesting element to the Beast Clans game.

To learn more about how to play, check out the Gameplay tab on our website.

Have a wonderful week!

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