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Super Secret Tech! Rules update.

Powerful - NEW card COMBO!

So in our V2 of Beastclans, there are some exclusive unique card changes.

SEASPIN is a Fabled Rarity Rebel Beast. (You may only have 1 in your deck). While not the most powerful of characters,

it has an unwritten ability in this combo with SHADOW SHURIKENS. The "search your deck or discard pile for SEASPIN, and put it in your hand" text was accidentally edited and omitted from the card SHADOW SHURIKENS.

Rule update is: When SS is played, you may search your deck for SEASPIN and put it into your hand, Or if SEASPIN is in your discard pile, it may be returned to your hand.

The V1 version of SS has a different effect, so you can mix them in your deck for most effective use! (limit of 3 still applies)

*REMEMBER: You must have another beast on the table in order to play the SHADOW SHURIKENS initially as per the Weapons/ Equipment rules, but once it is out, and has uses left on it, you may return SEASPIN as often as you need to.

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