Humans have vanished from earth. No one knows why. Was it stryfe? A meteor? An earthquake? Genetic mutation or disease?  In their place the beasts rose. They evolved, genetics changed and they grew far more intelligent. But they also learned how to use and adapt the relics of a time long forgotten, left by the Homo Sapian species. The beast made new homes and crafted strange magical equipment. They learned to harness  technology and unexplained powers and also create weapons... 
The beasts are split into 9 known Kingdoms: Ocean, Marsh, Jungle, Desert, Mountain, Savannah, Arctic, Outback and the Rebel Kingdom. They battle for dominance over everything, from land and treasures to legendary weapons and powerful relics. 
Each Kingdom is currently ruled by four unified Clan Royals: The King, Queen, Prince, and, Princess. But even they constantly struggle for power, scheming and forming secret alliances: vying for ultimate supremacy over all the Realms.